Crisis averted

So it turned out to be a very small mid-life crisis… With the Great British Weather(tm) being what it is, it was never going to work out. So meet the latest addition to the household :)


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Mid-life crisis

Since a mistress can lead to a very expensive divorce, I opted for a much cheaper alternative ;)

La mission du Le Mans 2015

Watching Le Mans on the TV all day long and all I can think of is that one day I want to be there and experience it… With Q jr turning 16 in 2015, what better way to celebrate that by spending a long weekend on a campsite next to a race track, having BBQ’s and drinking beer soda’s :)

Of course you can not just go, you have to sticker up the car… ;)

Love is in the Air

After 3 years my 13″ Mid-2009 Macbook Pro was getting on a bit, so what better way to upgrade it with a new shiny toy?

And in case you’re wondering if it is any good? Let me just show the before and after images of just the disk speed…

DiskSpeedTest Macbook Pro 2009 DiskSpeedTest Macbook Air 2012

Fuel light bingo


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