It’s back… somewhere

And only £2,795 more than I part-exchanged it for. It be interesting to see how long it takes for it to sell at this price, cos when I advertised it for £3,500 I got zilch response…

I also note that the mileage has decreased to 57,000 miles. I am pretty sure it was about 350 miles short of 60,000 when I handed over the keys. Oh, and the full service history is a lie too. It hasn’t seen a service since September 2007. Make of it what you will, but I think someone is a bit liberal with the truth ;)

Update 18.12.2008

I casually checked their website again and it is gone :O Whoever bought it, good luck!

Bargain barge

Vauxhall Signum

Make my Christmas, buy my car :)

Update 21.11.2008

We got a great deal at Palmers Citroen in Watford on a p/x against a new car, so you’ll have to find another Signum to indulge in… this one has gone!


It’s been a while since I’ve done some nerdy stuff, so when Ubuntu 8.10 (also known as Intrepid Ibex) was released last week I installed Conky, the light-weight system monitor as well and had a play with the various configurations spread around on the internet. The beauty (which is also its problem) is that Conky is so configurable that you can tweak for days and days :D

Anyway, here’s the compulsory screen shot and configuration files.

Ubuntu 8.10 and Conky

Take the zip file and unzip it in your home directory. It should create a directory ~/conky, which contains three files: – script to start Conky after a 20 second delay to alllow the Compiz window manager to finish its stuff, before Conky puts its pseudo transparent window on top of it. – script to retrieve your public IP address.
main – the Conky configuration file.

Add the script to your Startup Programs (System->Preferences->Sessions) and the next time you boot… Conky goodness! ;)