Modding the Dell Mini 9 – Part 2

I wasn’t planning on revisiting my Mini mods yet, but when someone offered (and I happened to be looking) an upgrade to a 32GB RunCore SSD, I could not pass on the occasion. The only problem was that it rendered my SSD activity light useless as the RunCore does not carry the same signal on the pin that the STEC drive uses.

Thankfully all the hard work figuring out where the negative side of the SSD light had to connect to was done once more by UnaClocker on the MyDellMini forums, so all I had to do was find a quiet Saturday and warm up the soldering iron.

We begin by undoing the work we did on the STEC. Heat up the pin on the SSD and remove the black wire. We will need to connect that to the RunCore drive.

As said, UnaClocker found out that the signal we need is present on a small resistor, which although tiny, isn’t the worst place in the world to solder on. Just fold back the sticker to reveal it. If you enlarge the 2nd picture, you will see which one it is. Use the tiniest amount of solder and attach the black wire to the resistor.

Fold back the sticker, put the SSD back into it’s slot and boot it up. Blue LED goodness once again!

  • By babwaa, April 14, 2009 @ 05:58

    Any way to do this mod with the 64Gb SSD RAMCOR from Dell?

  • By Q, April 14, 2009 @ 10:38

    If you can find the specifications on the SSD, then it may be possible. But without specs, it’s going to be a process of suck-it-and-see… I didn’t have to do this thanks to the great work of others :)

  • By Shifter6, June 24, 2009 @ 15:36

    I have a mini project going that I need to get power to a old school four pin plug. I plan to cut the plug part off and solder, why does the word solder have an L in it?, the wires onto a 12v power source. Any ideas, or do you have/know where a wiring schematics to this thing.

    On a different note what RAM’s in your mini? Do you have any thoughts on the best ram for the mini issue?

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